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We believe in the power of events where knowledge meets artistic creation, where we can empower people by making them feel the importance in the difference they can be doing.

Tap Water Engine: Stella Lundgren discovers the blueprints of a water-fuelled engine and is faced with a choice: destroying them or exposing the dubious practices of her employer Oil Nord.

Lenght: 15 min. Movie in English and Swedish. With subtitles in English.


WHO IS Andrea Håkansson: Andrea Håkansson is an actress from Stockholm, known for Tapwater Engine (2019), Glöm natten som kommer and Selfie (2017). She does both stage and screen work and has worked as a freelance actor in Sweden and abroad. Always looking for truth, she wants to take on work with a higher purpose and vision. To fill projects with courage and to become one with the team, for the best possible results. Andrea is also the founder of WWW and has a lot of projects behind her.


Kieli: Through cinematic indie-folk, Kieli wants to resonate with empathy and empowerment while challenging the status quo. She describes the personal and vulnerable as it meets the epic and great. Kieli is about to release her first debut- EP "Tick Tick Talk".


WHO IS Elin Pöllänen: Kieli is the solo project of musician and songwriter Elin Pöllänen, who also has a masters in Public health and works as a business consultant and research assistant, with a special passion for including the perspective of non-human animals. Being one of the co-founder of WWW, Elin also works with "The Animal Perspective"- her concept she uses in public lectures, for businesses, researchers. and in her art.

Music & lyrics: Christine strongly believes in the power of tell stories further and she works to bring forth important messages in combination with singing, which she hopes can help people.


WHO IS Christine Hames: Christine Hames is a singer and actress from the cultural city Skara, now living

in Stockholm. She is also an experienced musical artist, and has been seen on scenes abroad as a showartist.

She has worked as a freelance actor and singer in Sweden and abroad. Christine is a co- founder of WWW and has been part of many projects before that, for e.g. ”Syster och Bror" with "Maskrosungarna" and ”Första gången”.

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